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Privacy Policy

Any information you provide to us via our webpage, including your name, email address,and other contact information, will not be shared with anyone outside of the operations of Yost Engineering, Inc. without your permission.

We promise we WON'T . . .

Sell, lend, trade, barter, or gamble with your information. We will not paint your name on the outside of our building. We will not dedicate poetry to you. We will not send you flowers and we will not remember your birthday. If you are ever really bored and near Portsmouth, Ohio, you are welcome to come by and wash the windows or mow the grass...but we won't give your name to squeegee or lawnmower salesmen.

So, what WILL we do with the information you provide us?

We will use it to answer your questions, and to provide additional information about the products or services in which you have expressed interest. We may also send YEI newsletters to you. You can ask us to stop mailing them any time and we won't send one more stamp or email your way. So go ahead and tell us what you want, ask any and all questions, and your information will never end up in the hands of marketers or any other companies. Promise. On the other hand, you are welcome to share information about our website, company and products with anyone. In fact, we would appreciate it! If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, contact admin@yeitechnology.com (Although we will wonder what's wrong with you because really, what kind of person actually reads this stuff? There's a whole internet out there; wouldn't you rather be downloading music or playing on-line games or doing something more fun?)