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YEI 3-Space Sensors

YEI 3-Space Sensors

YEI 3-Space Sensor high-precision Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) provide a reliable, high-accuracy, low-cost, small-size solution to movement and orientation challenges. The YEI 3-Space Sensor utilizes on-board processing and filtering algorithms to provide exceptionally accurate attitude and heading information based on the three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope, and three-axis compass. Orientation can be returned in absolute terms or relative to a designated reference position. The proprietary multi-reference vector mode increases accuracy and greatly reduces and compensates for sensor error. The YEI 3-Space Sensor system also utilizes a dynamic sensor confidence algorithm that ensures optimal accuracy and precision across a wide range of operating conditions.


ServoCenter RC Servo Motor Controllers

ServoCenter™ servo motor controllers allow RC servo motors to be precisely timed, controlled, and coordinated for use in the most demanding robotics and animatronics applications. Available in USB, MIDI, and serial packages.

Visit our library of ServoCenter documentation, including manuals, protocols, schematics, drivers, application notes, source code, DLL programming, ActiveX control, direct serial I/O, firmware updater, control panel utility, sequencer, and other tools.