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YEI 3-Space Interactive Cube-Space Demos

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The YEI 3-Space Sensor Interactive Cube-Space Demos are designed to demonstrate the fast real-time response and accuracy of the YEI 3-Space Sensor™ family in a user friendly and entertaining way. There are two games included, a 3-dimensional maze and a color matching game. The maze game demonstrates the fine accuracy of the sensor as the player freely rotates a cube-shaped maze on all axes and navigate a ball to the the maze's goal. The color matching game demonstrates the fast response time of the 3-Space Sensor as the player matches an on-screen cube's color with a series of approaching colored rings.

Key Features

  • Supports all members of the YEI 3-Space Sensor family
  • Easy to setup demonstration of the 3-Space sensor
  • Interactive 3D demos illustrate the responsiveness and accuracy of 3-Space Sensor technology
  • Free and open source, allowing users to see a working example of the integration of the YEI 3-Space sensor in to an application
  • Includes multiple game examples

System Requirements


Operating System - Windows XP SP3(32-Bit), Windows Vista/7(32-Bit or 64-Bit)

Processor - P4 or greater

Memory - 512MB Ram

Video Card - Dedicated video card recomended


The YEI 3-Space Interactive Cube-Space Demos are released under the YEI 3-Space Open Source License, which allows for both non-commercial use and commercial use with certain restrictions.

For Non-Commercial Use, your use of Covered Works is governed by the GNU GPL v.3, subject to the YEI 3-Space Open Source Licensing Overview and Definitions.

For Commercial Use, a YEI Commercial/Redistribution License is required, pursuant to the YEI 3-Space Open Source Licensing Overview and Definitions. Commercial Use, for the purposes of this License, means the use, reproduction and/or Distribution, either directly or indirectly, of the Covered Works or any portion thereof, or a Compilation, Improvement, or Modification, for Pecuniary Gain. A YEI Commercial/Redistribution License may or may not require payment, depending upon the intended use.

Full details of the YEI 3-Space Open Source License can be found here

Downloads and Documentation


3-Space Sensor Interactive Examples Quick-Start Manual, 1.0.0, updated 18 Jan 2012


3-Space Sensor Interactive Examples Installer, Firmware 2 Compatible 2.0.0, updated 19 Jun 2013

Change in 2.0.0: Wireless sensors not plugged via USB no longer show up in pause menu. Now select the Dongle they are paired with instead. Page Up and Page Down Keys will go through Sensors paired to the Dongle.

3-Space Sensor Interactive Examples Installer, 1.0.1, updated 24 Feb 2012


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