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YEI 3-Space Mocap Studio

Mocap Studio with Skeleton in action Sensor Suit Mocap Studio recording Skeleton action

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The YEI 3-Space Mocap Studio is an open source motion capture application that uses the YEI 3-Space Sensor™ devices. The interface is similar to other motion capture applications (e.g. Blender), but is more convenient in getting started with the 3-Space Sensor devices since the application was created for them. It automatically searches for 3-Space Sensor devices already in use by the computer on start-up of the application and can load in previous sessions that saved off 3-Space Sensor information. However, it can only set-up and record motion data. It cannot edit or clean-up the motion data like other motion capture applications. Do not sweat though, because the Mocap Studio can export its motion data using the BVH (Biovision Hierarchy) format which is a widely used form for motion capture data.

The Mocap Studio interfaces with the 3-Space Sensor devices through a Node Graph interface window which allows the creation of complex node configurations to facilitate communicate with 3-Space Sensor devices. It is within this window that you can edit 3-Space Sensor settings and pair 3-Space Sensor Dongle devices with 3-Space Sensor Wireless devices . The Node Graph can also manipulate the orientation data coming from the 3-Space Sensor devices to allow to sensor re-targeting or other complex mocap rigs.


We offer a Mocap Bundle that includes 17 Wireless devices and 3 Dongle devices to get you started on motion capturing at an affordable price.

We also offer Strap Sets that can be used for placing the 3-Space Sensor devices.

Key Features

  • Supports all members of the YEI 3-Space Sensor family
  • Provides tools for configuring YEI 3-Space Sensor devices
  • Supports real-time data streaming and threaded orientation data recording
  • Records orientation data as keyframes, thus making editing and clean-up easy
  • Simple pedestrian tracking
  • Script to convert our TSH files into a readable XML file
  • Supports a widely used motion data file, Biovision Hierarchy (BVH)
  • Open source and free, allowing users to use and modify the application without consequences

System Requirements


Operating System - Windows XP (32-Bit), Windows Vista/7 (32-Bit or 64-Bit)


The YEI 3-Space Mocap Studio is released under the YEI 3-Space Open Source License, which allows for both non-commercial use and commercial use with certain restrictions.

For Non-Commercial Use, your use of Covered Works is governed by the GNU GPL v.3, subject to the YEI 3-Space Open Source Licensing Overview and Definitions.

For Commercial Use, a YEI Commercial/Redistribution License is required, pursuant to the YEI 3-Space Open Source Licensing Overview and Definitions. Commercial Use, for the purposes of this License, means the use, reproduction and/or Distribution, either directly or indirectly, of the Covered Works or any portion thereof, or a Compilation, Improvement, or Modification, for Pecuniary Gain. A YEI Commercial/Redistribution License may or may not require payment, depending upon the intended use.

Full details of the YEI 3-Space Open Source License can be found here

Documentation and Downloads


YEI 3-Space Mocap Strap Guide, 2.0.0, updated 25 Nov 2013

Legacy For firmware 1.0+

YEI 3-Space Mocap Studio User Manual, 1.1.0, updated 5 Nov 2012

YEI 3-Space Mocap Studio Quick Start Manual, 1.2.0, updated 26 Oct 2012


YEI 3-Space Mocap Studio Installer,, updated 14 Oct 2014

Legacy For firmware 1.0+

YEI 3-Space Mocap Studio Installer, 1.0.8, updated 23 Oct 2012

Sample Captured Animations

Below is a collection of sample BVH animation exports from the YEI 3-Space Mocap Studio. They are compatible with 3ds Max biped naming scheme.

Capture session from the Quick Start video, updated 25 Nov 2013

Actor throwing a football, updated 25 Nov 2013

Actor catching and throwing a basketball, updated 25 Nov 2013

Actor walking, updated 25 Nov 2013

Actor performing actions with a sword and shield, updated 25 Nov 2013

Actor performing a zombie walk, updated 25 Nov 2013

Actor performing a zombie attack, updated 25 Nov 2013


Download Video (.mp4)

Informational Resources


YEI 3-Space Mocap Studio Forum


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_capture#Inertial_systems - Wikipedia entry describing inertial motion capture systems

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biovision_Hierarchy - Wikipedia entry describing the BVH file format

http://research.cs.wisc.edu/graphics/Courses/cs-838-1999/Jeff/BVH.html - Research article describing how to read and parse the BVH file format